Wednesday 26 December 2012

2 Months in Iran - The Most Hospitable Country in the World

Just before I produce a written account of my fantastic stay in Iran, I would like to show you a YouTube slideshow of my favourite photos from the 2 months I spent there.

Of course, it was the people of Iran who made my visit so memorable. The people introduced me to and gave me more Persian food then I had previously thought was ever possible to eat, they played me the spectacular music of their culture (the modern stuff can take a while to get used to but the pre-revolution music is simply beautiful) and they engaged me in their varying and insightful opinions on Iranian and world politics.

While I owe much to the Iranian people for convincing me that their country is the most hospitable in the world, I dedicate this video to my two cycling companions in Iran; Rob, my old friend from England, who was with me all the way to Tehran, and Agustin, the Spaniard who I met on the road who happened to be cycling the same route as me for the entire country. While I am happy to be taking on the great mountains alone once again, my greatest memories from this beautiful country were undoubtedly shared with them.

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