Sunday 31 March 2013

Pride of Somerset Youth Award

We are so close to breaking the £3,000 fundraising milestone. I kindly ask that someone does the honours and smashes that milestone for me and the hospice! I'm about to cycle up a 4,000m mountain and it would be really nice to come back to see that the total raised has gone up a bit more. Dig deep people!

Click here you lovely people

Shameless pleas aside, this is just a quick post to say that I was very happy to be awarded the Pride of Somerset Youth Award last weekend for my fundraising efforts. For obvious reasons, I wasn't able to collect it myself but thankfully my parents did.

Please read more about it here (with a photo!):

I'm now in China, having just crossed the Taklamakan desert, north to south, where I didn't see a single shop, person, house, restaurant or tap for 250km. On my last day in the desert I cycled my 12,000th kilometere (about 7,500 miles). In 8 or 9 days' time I will arrive in Golmud, on the Tibetan plateau. From there I will write a blog post for Tajikistan, where I cycled for well over a month.

For now, here's just a few pictures from the Tian Shan mountains and the desert "of no return". I'm afraid I'm struggling to put them in the right order!

That's a big mountain to have to cycle up!

Please click here to help me achieve my fundraising goal for St. Margaret's Hospice. Many Thanks.

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