Monday, 27 August 2012

Italy to Istanbul

The most recent day I have written about is day 29, the 14th of July. Today is day 73. My problem is a matter of time. I wake up five minutes before sunrise and cycle until no more than half an hour before sunset in order to set up camp and eat. As the seasons change and I travel further south the days only get shorter. Rarely do I find myself with time in the day to have a nap or read a book. The mountain passes in Pakistan will be snowed over by the end of November so I've got to keep rolling.

When I last wrote I had just passed into Italy. Since then I have gone back to Austria, did the whole of the Adriatic coast of Italy, caught a ferry to Albania (taking the shortest crossing possible), cycled there for two days before entering Greece and finally Turkey. Below I have made a slideshow of photos covering this period. I hope the photos can be as informative as text. When I come home I will write about all of my experiences in a satisfactory manner; there is nothing worse than rushing something you really care about.

Do watch it, it took me several hours to compile as I have thousands of photos to choose from. Below it are two bonus videos from Istanbul.

Navigating into Istanbul
Having fun in the Saturday night traffic

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